People focus on what we should and should not be teaching children so often and how best to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow, but teaching them about philanthropy is unfortunately not a common part of these discussions. Philanthropy is a mindset that more and more people are adopting, which is made easier with how technology has connected people across the world. Teaching children the importance of empathy and philanthropy provides them with the tools to truly make the world a better place.

Donate frequently

One way to donate is by going through the possessions already in your home. You’re sure to have a significant amount of unused clothes and items sitting around the house, so take a day or two to go through different rooms and gather up the items you no longer need. Take time to do the same thing with your children and their rooms, then sort through the items. Anything in good enough condition can be donated to a donation center, plus you have the added bonus of more room in your home.

Another way to teach your children the value of philanthropy through donations is by buying items for local shelters or drives and dropping them off. If your kid is an animal lover, go out and buy some pet food then take it to your local animal shelter. Maybe even stay and give a few hours walking dogs or helping socialize the animals; most kids would love it! You can also donate food or toys to drives by local philanthropies. Keep an eye out for events and the lists they provide for what they need.

Volunteer together

A great way to show your children how to be philanthropic is by teaching through example. When you have spare time, volunteer at a local organization for a cause you feel passionate about. Most philanthropies will allow parents to bring along children to help in some capacity. You can also encourage them to participate in charity events at their school, whether it’s a fundraiser or simple donations or a larger event.

Teach them kindness

If you teach your children the importance of kindness, you’ll teach them how to be philanthropic. Teach kids that everyone deserves kindness, no matter what their circumstances may be. By teaching your children to treat others with respect and kindness, you’re raising them to be good adults who will go out of their way to help another person. Even smiling at someone and greeting them could make their day; it’s important children know that they can always make a difference with kindness.

Help out a neighbor

A simple way to help your child become involved in philanthropy is through helping out a neighbor. You might not know your neighbors well, but it’s always a nice gesture to offer to rake their leaves or shovel snow. Ask if there’s any other way you can help out, even if it’s something simple like pet-sitting while they’re on vacation or stopping by with some food. It’s good to know your neighbors and even more important to help them out.