Most people feel the need to participate in philanthropic activities in some way and often do so by volunteering their time at an organization that works toward a solution for some social ill. Now more than ever before, people are getting involved in philanthropy and making it a top priority to give time toward a cause. However, if people really feel this way, why do so many charities desperately need volunteers? A big problem is that philanthropies do not know how to retain volunteers. While the main focus of a charity should be on helping their specific cause, it’s also important to take time to make sure volunteers are happy. It’s clear that too many people overlook the importance of satisfied volunteers, so here are some reasons to help convince you why it is so vital that those volunteering their time at a charity continue doing so.

They help run the organization

The most immediate result of keeping volunteers happy is that they help out your organization. Without volunteers, nonprofits would not be able to keep functioning, because you need people who aren’t paid to help out with different tasks. Even those who receive a paycheck for working at a philanthropy cannot do everything on their own, so it’s basically a must that there are volunteers to help with the different programs and tasks to keep the charity up and running.

They could become leaders

When people donate a significant amount of time to one organization, it’s likely to turn into a lifelong volunteer opportunity. As people become more experienced volunteers, they can take on the role of recruiting and educating new volunteers. Beyond being lifelong volunteers, current volunteers can become future leaders. Every organization eventually needs new people to take over leadership and having dedicated volunteers to fill those roles makes transitioning so much easier. Keeping happy volunteers means that you’ll be more likely to have people who want to take over leadership roles within the organization.

They’ll use what they learn

The longer someone volunteers with a specific organization, the more their mindset adapts and they take what they learn out into the world. Spending a significant amount of time volunteering helps people develop a philanthropic mindset, which changes the way they respond to the world around them. The more people volunteer, the more they’ll help others in the world outside of the organization they work at.

They further the cause

Finally, people who spend lots of time volunteering further the cause. They do so by volunteering their time at a specific organization, but they are also more likely to do so their entire lives. If someone spends hours each week giving time at a local animal shelter, they’re more likely to later donate money and time once they’re established in their careers because they’ll also feel passionate about that specific cause.

Now that you understand the importance of keeping volunteers content, it’s important to learn how to achieve this goal. Check back soon for part two of this blog on how to keep volunteers happy at a philanthropy!