No matter what you do, whether you’re a business or a philanthropy, you can certainly benefit from help from volunteers. These volunteers put forth effort to accomplish something without expecting anything in return. If you host an event that requires volunteers, it is important to show gratitude to them for their time and let them know you value them. People who perform acts of kindness like volunteering are very deserving of a simple ‘thank you’. Here are a few other tips that will help you show gratitude to your volunteers.

Send a card

One of the most basic ways of thanking volunteer workers is to send them a card. The card should thank them for the help that they provided and be thoughtful. Even something so simple like a card lets them know you are thankful for what they did. Volunteers who are thanked are much more likely to volunteer again and will likely be happy to help out your organization or company.

Surprise them

While volunteer workers really don’t want anything in return, a surprise can make them feel even better for doing what they did and effectively show your appreciation. Often times, volunteer workers are very joyful when people acknowledge and thank them for their help. There are many ways to surprise volunteer workers, such as giving them a gift bag or a gift card. These items by no means need to be expensive because, in the end, the thought is the most important part.

Take photos

Capturing the moment of volunteer work is a great way to show thankfulness for their contributions. After the event takes place, ask each of your volunteers to get together for a group picture or even take pictures during the volunteer activity. If the organization they volunteered for has a website or social media page, be sure to post the picture. Volunteer workers will be very happy to know that you have acknowledged them for their efforts and it can help them in the future to have a public account of when they gave back to others.

Host an event for them

Another great way to show thanks is to host an event for all of your volunteer workers. Something simple like a bowling party or a picnic will bring your volunteers together for a fun-filled day and let them connect with one another. Be sure to verbally acknowledge and thank them for everything they have done.

Long story short, volunteers are very deserving of a proper form of gratitude. They helped you and expected nothing in return, so help them feel appreciated for what they’ve done.