When you work on fundraisers for a philanthropy, it can be difficult to continuously think of fresh ideas. You can only sponsor a 5K so many times because it gets old, especially when every other charity around you is doing the same kinds of fundraisers. It may seem like you only have a limited amount of options when it comes to fundraisers, but there are a lot of events you can do that involve minimal monetary investment from your organization and promise sizeable returns if you correctly market the event. Here are some great creative fundraisers you can implement into your philanthropy.

Art & craft auction

This event is a fairly popular one, but many organizations do not take advantage of it. When planning an art and craft auction, it’ll take a lot of time to organize, because it involves getting donations from local artisans and selling tickets to the event. As long as you’re diligent, you should be able to find a significant amount of people willing to donate items. Then, you just have to attract a crowd willing to bid on the items and use the money raised from ticket sales and bids for your philanthropy.

Talent show

Sometimes, talent shows do not go over well. However, if you market correctly to the local community, you’ll find plenty of people willing to show off their talents (especially children!) and people who want to see their neighbors perform. Hand out flyers advertising the show and find people to volunteer as judges. Sell tickets and ask for donations at the event, then consider giving away a small prize to the best act in the show.


Carnivals take a lot of planning, but they’re an immense amount of fun for the entire neighborhood. A carnival will likely require some financial input from your organization, unless you can find a lot of people from the community to donate items and help prepare games and attractions. The cost of tickets could offset the cost, so do some research ahead of time to see if this event would work for you. It’s sure to be one the entire community enjoys, so it might be worth the cost, considering carnivals usually draw large crowds.

Trivia tournament

Trivia has become increasingly popular in the last few years. People flock to bars each week to play with large groups of people. Setting up a trivia tournament is relatively easy; all you need is a location, a list of questions and answers, some food, and possible prizes. Charge a few dollars for entry, ask for donations of food and prizes, and collect more donations while at the event. With some good music (possibly even a live band), you’ll run a great event that is simple to put together.