As a philanthropist, you might not think of reading blogs as something that can directly benefit your work. However, whether you work for a philanthropy or are just heavily involved as a philanthropist, reading up on blogs about philanthropy can be incredibly beneficial. It’s important to stay up with the latest trends, so you can see what philanthropies are doing well and which ones could use some more help. You’ll also learn about new methods philanthropies are using to raise donations or spread awareness about their cause. Staying up-to-date with the latest philanthropy news keeps you informed, which makes you a more responsible philanthropist. Also, if your philanthropy has it’s own blog, it can be helpful to see what other people are writing about and what’s currently trending.

Nonprofit Pro

Nonprofit Pro is a great resource for people to learn more about managing a nonprofit and developing quality strategy to help it succeed. Beyond the blog, you can access webinars and various other helpful resources, which can definitely be used to your benefit as you strive to become a better philanthropist

Guidestar Blog

Every day, you can get new content from this blog that is extremely informative. If you like thought leadership pieces from well-known philanthropists and speakers, definitely check out this blog. You’ll learn so much from these interesting people.

Passionate Giving by the Veritus Group

Fundraising can often be tricky for nonprofits, so it’s beneficial to seek out any advice that you can. This blog helps by offering detailed information regarding major donor fundraising, which is hugely beneficial to nonprofits.

Beth’s Blog

Beth Kanter runs this blog and focuses mainly on how social media can help out philanthropies. Kanter has over 30 years of experience working in the nonprofit industry and this knowledge is certainly helpful to readers. This blog is one of the longest on philanthropies and definitely something you should check out.

The Storytelling Nonprofi

For nonprofits, storytelling is a vital aspect of attracting donors and raising awareness of the cause. You need to learn to effectively tell the story of your philanthropy and why you care about that specific cause. This blog helps you learn how to tell your story and draw attention to your nonprofit. This blog also has consulting tools you can use to help develop your story.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

In order to be a successful nonprofit, marketing is a must. No one will know about a nonprofit if it’s not properly marketed. This blog teaches you how to utilize your resources and make people see your nonprofit. These nonprofit marketing tips are especially important if your philanthropy is relatively new and unknown.