Philanthropy is the best way to create a brighter future and today’s children are the ones who will lead this charge. I’ve already talked about how important it is to teach your children about charity, but it’s also important that philanthropy is incorporated into schools. Between the approximate ages of 5 and 18, Kids spend the majority of their time in school. School takes up a huge amount of their time, so it’s the perfect place to practice and learn more about philanthropy. Here are some reasons why philanthropy should be incorporated in schools and how it can benefit children.

Teaches them to be compassionate

One of the biggest reasons students should be encouraged to learn about and participate in philanthropy at school is that it makes them more compassionate. When someone’s compassionate, it benefits all their interactions with other people and makes it much easier to relate to others. For students, this trait is vitally important when it comes to interacting with their classmates. There is often bullying in schools and some children have a difficult time getting along with others, but if they can learn more about compassion, you’ll see students form stronger relationships and less instances of bullying.

Creates more connections

In school, students generally have their specific friend groups and rarely branch out. Offering ways to participate in philanthropic activities can help students meet other members of their school and make new connections. Students also have an opportunity to meet the people their philanthropy is helping. However, one of the biggest connections students will make is finding quality role models. The adults who lead philanthropic efforts and teach students about charity can become their role models and help students learn about doing good.

Opportunity to be involved in something

Many students simply go through school without becoming involved in much, but if there are more philanthropic opportunities and students are required to participate in something, it gives them the opportunity to find something they love. When students are involved in activities, it helps them connect with other students, learn, and often feel better about themselves.

Makes them enjoy school

If a student feels excited about a charity event that the school is hosting, they are more likely to enjoy school. If the school organizes fun and interesting events to teach children about philanthropy or plans some kind of fundraiser, kids get really excited about something that lets them have fun. This way, students enjoy school more because they have something they’re looking forward to.

Students become more confident

Philanthropy can also help raise students’ self esteem. When children know they’re doing good and helping other people, it makes them feel good. Encouraging students to participate in philanthropy shows them that they can make a difference in the world.