Corporate philanthropy is becoming quite popular with large companies; they choose a cause, set up an organization or find one they like, and then make concentrated efforts to help this specific philanthropy. Besides the general greatness of making the world a better place and creating a more positive work environment, a business can greatly benefit from the image of corporate philanthropy. Consumers care more than ever what kind of companies they’re buying from, so it can be a huge benefit to businesses if they’re known as socially conscious. But how do you properly market your company’s good deeds without coming across as bragging or only doing the work for publicity? Marketing corporate philanthropy can be incredibly beneficial, but it’s important to do so in the correct way.

Choose a good philanthropy

Before you attempt to market your corporate philanthropy, you need to carefully choose what organization you’ll be working with. Find a cause that’s connected with what your company does. You’ll better understand the cause and likely have skills and resources that can help that specific organization more than one that’s completely unrelated to your business. It’s also important to make sure you’re working with a legitimate organization; avoid partnering with a brand new or unknown philanthropy unless you’re involved with the building process and can make sure it’s being managed correctly.

Enlist the help of the organization

While doing your own marketing is definitely something you should try, the philanthropy you’re working with may do their own kind of marketing that highlights your involvement. If the organization has a “Partners” page or something similar, see if your company’s name or picture can be included on it. Encourage photos and information about your company’s involvement being shared on the philanthropy’s social media pages as well.

Be present

Your company could simply donate a large sum of money to a specific nonprofit, but you should also attempt to be physically present with the cause. If there are personal volunteer opportunities, take advantage of these. Meet the people you’re working with and gain a better understanding of the cause. In addition to the greater impact it’ll have for the cause, it helps your corporate philanthropy from falling flat, because you’re making an effort to be personally involved with the cause.

Create a partnership

Instead of doing a philanthropy project once a year with different organizations and causes, create a long-term partnership with one specific philanthropy. Continuously work with them by volunteering, making donations, and hosting events. The more solidified a partnership is, the more well-known it will become and your company can make a lasting difference in one area.

Learn from others

Take a look at comparable companies and see how they’re handling their corporate philanthropy. What kind of organizations are they partnering with and what kind of marketing are they doing? Learn what works and what feels forced through research and then try it on your own. Avoid making serious mistakes that could negatively impact your business and the philanthropy you’re partnering with.