Nowadays, anyone has the ability to become charitable. There are online sites where any person can state a cause and easily raise money. If you run a business, you are rewarded for being charitable with tax incentives. Besides getting tax credits, you want to help the community and get your employees involved, too. Here are a few ways to get your employees interested in becoming philanthropists.

Host donation drives

Many businesses have ways of encouraging their customers to make charitable donations. At certain stores and restaurants, there are donation bins where people drop off coins or dollar bills. After customers make purchases, some cashiers ask if they want to donate to a certain charity.

Host a donation drive to get many more people involved. You can even direct them to other companies and organizations that are hosting drives. To show your sincerity in the cause, consider matching every donation made by an employee or customer.

Attend charity events together

Tell your employees about important charity events that are happening locally. Suggest that all of the staff attend an event together; however, do not force people to go or threaten to penalize them if they don’t attend. Get everyone informed about events that are being hosted regularly by your favorite charities.

Offer rewards

Employers are known to reward employees who work in their favor. Offer to reward whoever makes the most donations to a certain cause or organization. Common rewards made by employers are gifts, bonuses, and added vacation days. Encourage them to donate regularly and show more interest in helping members of the local community.

Explain the value of philanthropy

Explain the importance of philanthropy and why it is needed in society. People in need of food, shelter or care cannot always rely on the government, so they turn to nonprofit organizations for help. Some organizations are more useful at helping others than the government.

Show the results that come from helping others, such as increased graduation rates, lower crime rates, and improved living conditions. You also don’t need to be wealthy to be a philanthropist; anyone can assist those in need in some way. You do not always have to donate money – you can donate your time and skills to help others.

It’s important for businesses to donate to worthy causes. They are saving part of their hard-earned money to help people in need. As an employer, teach your employees they should participate in philanthropy as well. Get your business involved in every aspect and improve the community in which you work.