No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s running your own business, going to school, or working for a philanthropy, you’re going to need to use email. People communicate primarily over email, especially if they’re trying to get into contact with an organization. If you’re in charge of that organization, you’ll be bombarded by dozens, if not hundreds, of emails a day. You likely also send dozens of emails a day, trying to keep track of whether or not someone responded. If this situation sounds familiar to you, it’s time to use some of the fantastic email resources out there that can make your life much easier and more organized. Check out a few of my favorites here.

Touchstone Subject Line Analyzer

As a nonprofit, you’re likely sending out a fair amount of emails, letting people know about events, asking for donations, and searching for volunteers and sponsors. This tool shows you what your projected open rates will be, along with plenty of other stats. You get this information by sharing your email with Touchstone’s database and it gives you an estimate of what your results should be once you actually send the email; if you aren’t satisfied with the estimated results, you have the chance to tweak your email before sending.

The Best of Email

A resource you really need to check out is The Best of Email’s Inspiration Gallery. This gallery provides users with high quality email examples they can use as inspiration when creating their own marketing emails. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a high likelihood you’ll find it in The Best of Email’s Inspiration Gallery.


If you’re sending newsletters about a specific topic, which is pretty common for philanthropies, Flashissue allows you to pull information from all over the web to include in your newsletter. Flashissue summarizes the content and you can then tailor the information to better fit your newsletter. It also provides you with ways to send your newsletter across various social media platforms.

The Hemingway App

I personally find The Hemingway App incredibly useful, since it makes sure the content you’re sending is readable. You can use the app for anything, not just something being sent over email. The Hemingway App helps you make sure your writing is free of grammatical errors and also shows you how to write in a way that anyone can understand it. When you’re working with a philanthropy and are incredibly knowledgeable on the subject, this tool is useful when you’re trying to explain your mission and function to the general public.


Boomerang is a fantastic tool for philanthropies because it helps you sort through the large volume of mail you’re constantly receiving. This resource allows you to schedule your emails to send at any time and re-sends you emails that you do not have time to read when you first receive them. It prevents you from missing emails or forgetting to send them in the first place. You can even set up notifications for when an email is read or if someone hasn’t responded for a few days.